The Harvest

I have a bug bite on my foot. Also, I am drinking a raspberry lime gin rickey at the moment, so please forgive any typos. It’s raspberry season. When we moved into our house, the raspberry plant was already threatening to overgrow the stairs to our back porch. I’m now pruning them to wrap around … Continue reading The Harvest

School’s Out!

And now the fun begins! There’s been a lot going on at our house in the past few weeks. On Tuesday, our behemoth tree in the backyard was removed and all the wood was saved for my fiance’s new workout routine, which will be wielding chainsaw and hatchet to break down all the logs into … Continue reading School’s Out!


Yesterday, my fiance finally finished making the clothesline! He used old chain-link fences posts that we pulled out of our yard last year. It was his first time working metal and he had the help of tools like an angle grinder and power drill that may not have been available to people during the Depression, … Continue reading Laundry