The Wedding

It was but a matter of time before I posted something about the whole big affair. My trouble has been concocting a connection to my Great Grandmothers in a sense more intimate than a posting of marriage records I have found. However, a dash of research has brought me a connection, albeit distant, that certainly served to … Continue reading The Wedding

Civil War Days

Though there remains a great deal to post about from August, I wanted flash both forward and backward with my activities from this weekend. The flash forward is the feature of LHS’s activities at Le Duc Civil War Days yesterday; the flash back is the research I conducted on my great great grandparents, Rebecca and … Continue reading Civil War Days

The Harvest

I have a bug bite on my foot. Also, I am drinking a raspberry lime gin rickey at the moment, so please forgive any typos. It’s raspberry season. When we moved into our house, the raspberry plant was already threatening to overgrow the stairs to our back porch. I’m now pruning them to wrap around … Continue reading The Harvest