It’s Your Vacation

When summer hits Minnesota, it’s like a switch flips in our brains. All of a sudden, all we can think about is fishing, boating, swimming, and camping on the ten thousand+ lakes our state is famous for. With more “coastline” than California, Florida, & Hawaii combined, Minnesota’s lakes make up a huge part of our … Continue reading It’s Your Vacation

Waking Up

Last year, on Super Bowl weekend, I took 20 high school students to a Model UN conference in Chicago. I wrote about our stay in the historical Palmer Hotel. Although you may not be able to tell by my post, that trip was incredibly stressful with the weight of responsibility for the lives of 20 … Continue reading Waking Up

The Nursery

Well, the due date rapidly approaches. May 13 is a mere 3 days away and my coworkers have a pool going on when this baby is going to arrive. Based on the fact that I feel like I’m exploding in slow motion, I’m willing to bet that will be soon. This past weekend was all … Continue reading The Nursery