Waking Up

Last year, on Super Bowl weekend, I took 20 high school students to a Model UN conference in Chicago. I wrote about our stay in the historical Palmer Hotel. Although you may not be able to tell by my post, that trip was incredibly stressful with the weight of responsibility for the lives of 20 … Continue reading Waking Up

Mystic Baby

What? Did you hear that? It’s another sickeningly adorable millennial pregnancy announcement! Indeed, my husband and I are expecting a baby. I think it is important to note that all the preventative instruction I got about pregnancy as a youth was incredibly accurate. If both parties be virile, it is frighteningly easy to get pregnant. … Continue reading Mystic Baby

The Wedding

It was but a matter of time before I posted something about the whole big affair. My trouble has been concocting¬†a connection to my Great Grandmothers in a sense more intimate than a posting of marriage records I have found.¬†However, a dash of research has brought me a connection, albeit distant, that certainly served to … Continue reading The Wedding