Family Album

A month or two ago, the collections department at the Minnesota Historical Society held an open house for staff. We saw a ton of really cool stuff, including newspapers, World War I weapons, and a sweet death wheel chart from the Progressive Era but my favorite was a collection of handmade family photo albums from … Continue reading Family Album


All colloquial expressions are little foxes that spoil the grapes of perfect diction, but they are very little foxes; it is the false elegance of stupid pretentiousness that is an annihilating blight which destroys root and vine. -Emily Post TR has started talking! He’s trying out words and repeating what we say, albeit with terrible … Continue reading Profanity


It’s happened. We’ve officially hit the pinnacle of historipster-hood (history hipster – patent pending). We’ve begun collecting records. It started a month and a half ago at a brewery in the Shenandoah Valley. We heard a band we liked and I decided to buy the CD. Then I remembered too late that the car CD … Continue reading Records

A TR Birthday

I think since starting social media accounts for this blog (find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!) I’ve been slacking extra hard on writing the actual blog. Instead of writing a post about our new record player, I snapped a photo and hashtagged it #livinglikegreatgrandma. Slacker. I’m rolling in material – records, the serialized book … Continue reading A TR Birthday